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Cookies policy

Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file created by a website and stored on your computer or mobile device. Like many websites, we use cookies to improve your site experience by remembering things like your preferences. Cookies can only be read by the website that created them.

Which cookies are used by this site and why

This website uses the following types of cookies:

> Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that exist only while browsing our web site and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. These cookies are used to provide better user experience and to enhance website functionality.

> Advertising system cookies: pages display ads using Google Adsense, and cookies are used for the functionality of this system. If you want to disable saving these collages, you can do this here.

> Statistics for cookies: Website visitation measurement is done through Google Analytics, where cookies are used. If you want to disable saving these collages, you can here.

Can I stop cookies from being set?

You can configure your web browser to prevent cookies from being accepted for all websites or just for certain websites. The links below explain how to change cookie settings for each of the main browsers. You can also find information in the Help menu for your browser.

Chrome cookie settings
Firefox cookie settings
Internet Explorer cookie settings
Safari cookie settings (Mac)
Safari cookie settings (iPhone and iPad)

Further reading

If you’d like to find out more about cookies, the website HowStuffWorks provides a comprehensive guide:
How Internet Cookies Work

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